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Board of Directors

APPA is governed by a Board of Directors in accordance with the association's Constitution, which states that:

  1. The Board must have at least five (5) and no more than nine (9) member Directors.
  2. The Board shall be made up of at least two (2) distributor members or representatives of distributor members and two (2) supplier members or representatives of supplier members.
  3. The Board may appoint up to two (2) additional Directors who are nonmembers, who will be known as board appointed Directors.

The Board is empowered by the Constitution to appoint the President and Vice-President. The Board election proccess is governed by the APPA By-law Director Election Procedure. Director terms are for three years, with a maximum of three successive terms.


APPA Board of Directors 

President: Robert Williams (Your Brand Unleashed)

Vice President: Lauren Jones (Sands Promotions)

Graeme Bulluss (Chocolate Works)

Bo Burns (Fundraise Factory NZ)

Bryan Deng (PromoCollection)

Adrian Davidson (Inck Merchandise)

Rowland Percy (Better Promo)

Jason Turk (Logo Line)