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APPA strongly supports the role young professionals (generally 36 years of age and younger) play in the success of member businesses, the future of the profession and the Association.

In 2020, APPA established the YPromo Committee, tasked to connect young professionals and tap into valuable resources that will help them succeed in their careers and business. The YPromo Committee is working on a number of activities linked to its mission statement and following goals:

APPA Y-Promo Mission Statement

Empower a community of young professionals to amplify, enrich and strengthen the future of the promotional products industry.

Goal 1 - Knowledge Sharing

A supportive and expressive culture that encourages cooperation and open exchange of views, ideas, problems, knowledge, trends and experiences amongst our young professionals.

Goal 2 – Learning and Development

A sustainable and suitably qualified group of young entrepreneurs and professionals, nurtured through personal, professional and business development.

Goal 3 - Connections

A strong sense of community of which young professionals utilize to build, maintain and expand their professional circles and peer networks.

Want to connect with fellow YPromo professionals? Email to join our YPromo database to stay up to date with future activities.