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    Entity Brands
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    Thu, 29 Feb 2024
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    $60,000 - $65,000 + Super
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    Entity Brands

Inside Sales/Service Representative

Are you passionate about delivering exceptional customer sales support?

We're looking for an experienced service professional eager to channel your customer service expertise into a role focused on helping individuals find solutions using your product knowledge.


Welcome to Entity Brands: Australian license owners to 12 leading uniform brands, including Chef Works, Nike Uniforms, Ogio and Bragard.

Our Guiding Principles:

  1. Continuous Evolution: Embracing an environment of development, mistakes as learning opportunities, and constructive feedback to drive growth
  2. Empower: We foster a culture of knowledge sharing, nurturing individuals to cultivate self-reliance and confidence in their abilities, enabling them to reach their fullest potential
  3. Cultivate Trust: Building strong, positive relationships through sound judgment and expertise, earning the confidence of others through consistent reliability
  4. Be Nice: Embodying kindness in every interaction, fostering a supportive environment where respect and empathy prevail in all our dealings.

If these match your values, our team will be the perfect place for you to develop and succeed, so let's make this happen.


The Role:

As a Customer Sales Representative handling exclusively inbound enquiries, your primary mission will be to offer guidance and support to customers seeking information about our products, and ensure you ‘set the order up’ for a smooth delivery. 

Your knack for listening, understanding needs, and providing tailored solutions will be the cornerstone of your success in this role.

Your goal? To ensure every interaction leaves customers feeling empowered, informed, and satisfied with the solutions you've helped them discover.

You work side-by-side with the customer service representatives in our ticketing software, phones and showroom.

The role will be full-time in our Alexandria office.


Your key responsibilities will be:

  1. Email ticket management using Zendesk
  2. Product selection advice 
  3. Pricing and quoting
  4. Showroom client care and uniform fittings
  5. Decoration artwork approval management
  6. Decoration order management (raising the relevant “paperwork”)
  7. Follow up with orders to confirm satisfaction
  8. Assisting with order management
  9. Assisting with order enquiries, such as exchanges, returns and account issues
  10. Updating customer data
  11. Assisting with sales team and account support administration tasks.

Additionally to the above, work closely with the following departments:

  1. Sales - identify ongoing uniform management opportunities for the sales team and ensure a smooth and successful hand-over
  2. Purchasing - assisting the tracking of orders and managing customer communication when a delivery is delayed
  3. Warehouse - receive communication on received stock/order issues, to communicate them effectively with the customer.

We enjoy working with customers and leaving our desks knowing we've made that difference for the day.


Why Us?

You'll build a career with active development and succession planning. It's a long-term partnership.

You'll love participating in service innovation groups, where we build new value for our customers while making our working lives more manageable. 

It's a team of personalities, and that's how we like it; you're an individual, and we treat you as such.

The Alexandria office is 15 minutes walk from Redfern or Green Square station, with parking available, 10 minute walk from vibrant Technology Park (South Eveleigh) and we're Monday-Friday office hours. 


What You Need:

We’re Ideally looking for someone with experience in a similar role and possess the below skills:

  • Love working with people (customers and colleagues). You enjoy hearing the inbox ding, phone ring and doors swing
  • A service mindset. You're there for your customers and colleagues, recognising them as individuals and tailoring your service appropriately
  • A great phone and email manner. The role is about communication, we have our system, but we want you to add the magic touch
  • Software experience. You'll learn new, best-in-class software systems 
  • Organised. We're a successful and busy place, and it's much more fun if you know how to stay on top of things
  • Strong attention to detail. We depend on one another to pass things on right.


How to Apply:

Please send a cover letter, detailing why this is the role and company for you, along with your current resume to

The cover letter is a requirement for a successful application, and will be used in the recruitment process.