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25 May 2021

APPA Announces the Cancellation of the 2021 APPA Awards

After extensive contemplation and discussion, the decision was made on Friday May 14 by the APPA Board to cancel the 2021 Australian APPA Awards for Promotional Products Marketing Excellence.

Those who have already submitted an entry via the Awards portal have been notified of the cancellation prior to this announcement. Thank you to these members for their high-quality submissions, which they will be encouraged to submit for contention in the 2022 APPA Awards.

The creative accomplishments of our members during 2020 will not be ignored, as projects eligible for entry to the 2021 APPA Awards will still be eligible for entry to the 2022 Awards.

With no gala dinner planned for 2021 due to the ongoing impact of COVID, the decision to cancel the 2021 APPA Awards also follows an expected small number of submissions to the Awards Portal reflecting the nature of business for many APPA members in 2020.

The cancellation of the 2021 Awards Program by no means abolishes the APPA Awards Program entirely. Conversely, APPA will be using this period of intermittence from the program to thoroughly review the categories, criteria and overall content of the program.

APPA members who have constructive feedback of how to improve the APPA Awards are encouraged to voice these opinions to APPA CEO Wesley Fawaz, who will be leading the review of the program.

APPA looks forward to bringing its members a new look, reinvigorated Awards Program and Gala in 2022.

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