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22 June 2023

APPA May/June Board Report from Association President Robert Williams

APPA recently held its quarterly Board Meeting in Melbourne at conference facilities close to the airport. With the end of the financial year in view, the May/June meeting is historically one of the most important of the year for the Board and Association.

It was great to see everyone around the table, hungry with some great ideas to lead APPA forward into the remainder of 2023 and beyond. The Board discussed an array of topics including what the next steps are for Promodata, the upcoming Board Election (October) and succession planning for future Directors. Further, the Board discussed APPA's strategic plan and commenced strategic planning for 2024 onwards.

The meeting also provided the Board the chance to say thank you and farewell to departing Director Bo Burns (NZ). a longstanding member of the Board (almost 8 years) and to Vice President Lauren Jones. Both Bo and Lauren will be sorely missed: their passion and dedication will certainly be difficult to replace.

The Board were excited to sit down with APPA's new General Manager Mark Kindness, who only days into the role was attending his first APPA Board Meeting. Mark discussed how things were going operationally at APPA's Head Office and what he hoped to contribute to the Association in the coming months and years. The Board is collectively excited for the future of APPA, its staff members and are glad to have Mark on board to lead APPA into a new phase of growth and prosperity.

As always, myself and the Board are here to listen. We welcome any feedback and would love to hear from you. If you would like to chat, please feel free to reach out to me at See you all at Promo Show in Sydney this August!

- Robert Williams, APPA President

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