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07 July 2021

APPA Y-Promo Mentoring Program

APPA members and their employees are invited to be part of a mentoring program specifically for professionals within the promotional products industry.

Whether you are a mentor looking to make a difference or a mentee ready to take your next career step, the APPA Y-Promo Mentoring Program offers a unique professional development experience for people passionate about working in promo.


A mentor is a member of the APPA membership who is an experienced promo professional with at least 10 years of promo industry experience and who feels they could assist in the growth of a less experienced promo professional. A mentor is a person who shares knowledge, offers advice, shares experiences and provides support to assist in the career development and professional growth of a mentee.

Why become a Mentor?

  • Gain recognition for your skills and experience
  • Exposure to fresh perspectives, ideas and approaches
  • Self-development through personal reflection
  • Development of your personal leadership and coaching styles
  • Benefit from a sense of fulfilment from giving back to the promo industry

Click here to apply to become a Mentor.


A mentee is a member of the APPA membership who may have recently entered the promo industry or wanting to progress their career. A mentee must be willing to listen, learn and challenge their ideas to get the most out of the mentoring relationship.

 Why become a Mentee?

  • Learn from the best in your industry
  • Gain an outside perspective to workplace related challenges
  • Target your areas for career development and professional growth
  • Exposure to new ideas and ways of thinking
  • Pathways into leadership within the Association and the profession in general

Click here to apply to become a Mentee.

How it works

After filling out the application form, APPA will match the mentors with mentees and will help facilitate your relationship in order to ensure you both get the most out of the match. You will receive a welcome pack with supporting materials, participate in an orientation webinar and there will be opportunities to network with other participants in the Mentoring program.

Price Free and exclusive for all APPA members
Duration 9 months
Program commencement    September 2021 (post-Roadshow)
Program conclusion June 2022


Once mentees and mentors receive their match, the program is then largely managed independently by both parties. Mentees and mentors are responsible for setting up their meetings and planning the objectives/goals for each meeting.

Click here to apply to become a Mentor. Click here to apply to become a Mentee.

Further Information

Download the APPA Y-Promo Mentoring Program Guidelines.

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