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07 December 2023

November/December Board Meeting, AGM and Christmas Party (2023)

A message from APPA President Robert Williams on behalf of the APPA Board:

The APPA Board convened in Sydney on Thursday the 23rd of November for our final meeting of 2023. I am delighted to announce that the meeting was altogether fruitful and produced a number of positive results and strategies for the Association that will be actioned in the new year.

The most significant development at the meeting was the announcement of our newest Board members: Diana O'Cobhthaigh from TurnKey Promotions, who has been elected to serve a full term of three years on the Board; and Michelle Lister from TLC Live (NZ), who will fill a vacancy on the Board for a period of twelve months.

Leadership roles within the Board were also voted on at the meeting; I will be proudly continuing as President of the Board in 2024 and Glen Greenberg (ASB Branded Merchandise) will serve as Vice-President. On behalf of the Board, I would like to acknowledge and thank Jason Turk (Logo Line) for his commendable service as Vice President throughout 2023.

The Board would like to thank all members and friends who attended the Annual General Meeting and Christmas Party at the Greenwood Hotel in Sydney on the same Thursday night. Close to 40 members attended the meeting, providing the perfect opportunity to present APPA's financials and highlight the organisation's excellent performance in 2023. APPA's strong financial position (our best ever, in fact) will enhance our ability to offer even better events and educational opportunities in 2024.

The APPA Board extend warm wishes for the holiday period and hope you have a safe and happy new year.

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