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07 May 2024

Promotional Solutions to Celebrate Matariki: Engaging Corporate Clients with Cultural Appreciation

As the Matariki festival approaches on June 28th, promotional companies have a unique opportunity to assist corporate clients in celebrating this significant cultural event in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Matariki, heralding the Māori New Year, embodies themes of renewal, reflection, and community. Here's how promotional companies can offer tailored solutions to corporate clients seeking to honour Matariki within their workplaces and engage their staff and customers.

  1. Themed Gift Hampers: Craft bespoke NZ Products Gift Hampers filled with locally sourced items such as traditional Māori foods and artisanal products. Hampers not only celebrate Matariki in the spirit of gathering together and sharing kai (food) but also showcase the richness of New Zealand's culture and heritage.
  2. Custom Eco-Friendly Gifts: Encourage sustainability by offering eco-friendly seed or tree gifts, symbolizing growth and renewal associated with Matariki. These gifts convey a message of appreciation and environmental stewardship, aligning with corporate values of sustainability.
  3. Matariki-Inspired Wall Art Sets: Provide unique wall art sets featuring Matariki stars and the moon (Marama). These sets serve as elegant decorations in corporate spaces, sparking conversations about Matariki's cultural significance and fostering a sense of connection to New Zealand's heritage.
  4. Branded Hemp Sacks: Provide eco-friendly hemp sacks branded with Matariki-themed designs, perfect for carrying small items or as gift packaging. These sacks showcase corporate commitment to sustainability while aligning with the cultural significance of Matariki.
  5. Custom Ornaments: Create black and white 8-pointed stars resembling the Matariki constellation as unique ornaments for corporate clients. These ornaments serve as distinctive decorations, symbolizing unity and shared aspirations for the future.
  6. DIY Star Kits: Offer DIY star kits that allow recipients to assemble their own Matariki-inspired stars, each representing a specific Matariki star. Include instructions and explanations of the stars' significance, fostering learning and engagement among corporate clients and their teams.
  7. Personalised Gifts: Design custom earrings inspired by the Matariki star cluster, incorporating celestial elements to symbolize the significance of the event. These elegant pieces make meaningful gifts for staff or clients, celebrating Matariki in a subtle yet stylish manner.
  8. Ritual Bowls: Offer black ritual bowls as symbolic gifts, encouraging recipients to use them for mindfulness practices or as decorative pieces in their offices. These bowls evoke themes of reflection and intention-setting associated with Matariki, promoting well-being and introspection.

By providing these promotional solutions, promotional companies can assist corporate clients in celebrating Matariki authentically while fostering a deeper connection to Aotearoa/New Zealand's culture and heritage. Let this Matariki be a time of cultural appreciation and meaningful engagement for corporate clients and their stakeholders.

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