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21 December 2023

Re-Loved Apparel on the Model Search Runway

APPA Supplier Member Re-Loved Apparel recently participated in the 2023 HUXNBOSS Model Search and International Fashion Runway, held at the Imperial Hotel on the Gold Coast. Presented by the Australian Fashion Federation, the event was touted as "more than just a fashion event" filled with dance, style talent and glamour.

Re-Loved Apparel teamed up with a talented local indigenous artist to create a bespoke collection of sustainable garments that were modelled at the event. The collection featured on-trend sustainable ponchos, which will be featured at Roadshow 2024 in March, as well as Re-Loved Apparel's new sustainable statement tank tops.

Event attendees were able to take home one of the brand's exclusive organic cotton totes, adding an extra touch of sustainability to their experience.

The runway featured up and coming models who beautifully showcased Re-Loved Apparel's sustainable creations, resulting in an unforgettable and visually stunning showcase.

The event attracted a high-profile audience, including fashion enthusiasts and industry professionals, providing Re-Loved with a platform to not only showcase their talent and creativity but also to raise awareness about the importance of sustainable fashion. By collaborating with a local indigenous artist, Re-Loved Apparel demonstrated its commitment to supporting local artisans and promoting cultural diversity.

APPA is immensely proud of Re-Loved Apparel for representing the promotional products industry in this unique way and seizing the opportunity to make a bold statement and lead the sustainability movement in the fashion industry.


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