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14 October 2021

Swanky Socks Donates 100,000 Socks to Those Experiencing Homelessness

Fashion sock company and APPA supplier member Swanky Socks has reached yet another milestone as the Australian owned company continues to lead by example in giving back to those experiencing homelessness.

Through a turbulent 18 months with the Covid-19 pandemic, Swanky Socks have managed to officially donate over 100,000 pairs of socks.

Founder and Co-Director Tom Lawrence has made it a mission to continually give back while still remaining focused on building a successful and globally recognised brand.

“Our purpose beyond commerce as a company is the ability to give back through business and help others as much as we can. Achieving this milestone of donating 100,000 socks to those experiencing homelessness is something we’re truly proud to support. As we continue to expand, we’re excited to continue this growth with our give back program,” Lawrence said.

Swanky Socks, along with being a retail fashion brand, collaborates with the corporate market, producing custom brand socks as a quality promotional marketing product. They also manufacture for many large fashion brands.

Swanky Socks has created opportunities no other sock company is achieving in the Australian market. In less than two years the company has raised over $230,000 for charities through the sale of their socks via marketing campaigns run through

The company now dedicates the majority of their donations to “We’ve worked with most charities and have found Givit to be a great fit and aligned with what we’re trying to achieve. They give us trust that our donations are going to those that need them most” Lawrence said.

“Thanks to Swanky Socks, people accessing these services will also receive a beautiful, warm pair of socks which creates a sense of dignity and belonging for the recipient,” GIVIT ACT Engagement Officer Kristi Clark said.

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