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10 June 2021

Thread Count: Download the 2021 NSW Textile Data Report

The Australasian Circular Textile Association (ACTA) is thrilled to share Australia's most comprehensive report in Textiles Materials and Flows (including uniforms and workwear). 

ACTA have previously established that approximately 1,000,000+ tonnes of textiles are imported each year into Australia, across a number of different textile sectors. Based upon the State figures, this means we're sending over 8,000,000 tonnes of textiles to landfills every year across the country.

ACTA have consulted with a number of stakeholders to better understand the current state of textiles, specifically importation, consumption/use, and end-of-life. Based upon the data received, ACTA also utilised current import data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics to form a comprehensive view. 

In relation to this report based upon the data and metrics presented, ACTA we're able to extrapolate the figures to accurately present a National perspective on textiles per capita.

Download now: Thread Count : NSW Textile Data Report (commissioned by the NSW EPA).


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