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Feature article
16 June 2021

Queensland Light-Up Beanie Button Battery Warning

The Townsville Bulletin have reported that anyone who attended the Townsville State of Origin game on Wednesday June 9 2021 and received a free light-up beanie is being urged to keep the beanie out of reach of children. It was reported that the beanie contains a button battery and that the battery compartment is not safely secured and is easily accessible to children.

Following the 2020 AFL wristband product recall, this comes as a stark reminder that if swallowed, a button/coin battery can become stuck in a child’s throat and result in catastrophic injuries and even death.

Children can access button/coin batteries in a variety of ways, including:

  • products with unsecure battery compartments;
  • button/coin battery packaging that is not child-resistant;
  • poor quality products which release button/coin batteries when dropped or broken;
  • spare batteries being provided loose in product packaging;
  • spare batteries not being kept out of reach around the home and
  • used batteries not being properly disposed of.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) announced new mandatory button battery standards that took effect on 22 December 2020 with an 18-month transition period from this date.

Suppliers have until June 2022 to comply with the new requirements by implementing any manufacturing and design changes to products and packaging and undertake any testing necessary to ensure compliance with the new mandatory safety and information standards.

The ACCC has also released A Guide for Business on the Application of Mandatory Standards to help suppliers understand the new requirements for secure battery compartments, child resistant packaging, and warnings and information.

Selling any non-compliant stock on or after 22 June 2022 may result in penalties.

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